Pebble – Update #30: Versand hat begonnen

Großkartonage in der Pebble Fabrik


Pebble Versand hat begonnen! Am Nachmittag des 23.01.2013 wurden die ersten Pebble in Richtung Bakers versandt. Trotz kleiner Problemchen läuft alle relativ reibungslos. 


  • Im Moment ist die IOS-App noch nicht im App-Store live geschaltet. Wir hoffen, dass dies in den nächsten Tagen geschieht, da Apple diese schon seit 2 Wochen im Test hat. Im Moment können jedoch bereits mit der letzten PebbleOS Version Musik steuern und Benachrichtigungen empfangen. Watchfaces – die Uhrenanzeigen – können erst mit der IOS-App upgegradet werden.
  • Die Android App im Google Play store wird am Donnerstag 24. Januar live gehen.
  • We weren’t able to get as many units to our fulfillment centre as we expected (held up by documentation at the airport). Less than 500 units are going out today, with more expected to ship soon.
  • We accidentally more Address Confirmations emails than available Pebbles. So some people who received address confirmation emails will not get a tracking number for a few days until their Pebble ships out.

To track our shipping progress, we’ve made a (light-heartedly named) website: 

We’re also working on adding shipment tracking to Please do not email us right now about shipment tracking, we will not be able to provide any information over email about the status of your Pebble. As soon as this functionality is finished, we’ll post an update and you’ll be able to check online. Sorry for the delay on this. 

Mass Production

As we mentioned during the last announcement, mass production has started at the factory. It’s awesome to walk along the assembly line and see thousands of Pebble components in various states of readiness. It’s going to take some time before we reach our maximum capacity, but we’re getting there.

PCB (bottom left) and FPC (hanging out on the pink foam)

FPC after depanelization (being trimmed from supporting material) and PCB

We have more than 1,000 glue jigs on the production line. 

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! 

Ah a beautiful sight…finished product, all boxed up and ready to be placed in 60-Pebble master shipping cartons.

High resolution images available here:

Production Notes:

  • As of today, the factory is manufacturing roughly 800-1,000 Pebbles per day. We’re working hard to get this up to our full capacity (2.4k per day)
  • We are shipping master cartons of Pebbles by air freight across the Pacific to our US distribution center 1-2 times per week, and 1-2 times per week to our Hong Kong distribution center which fulfills shipments to any country that isn’t the US. There is a 5-7 day lag between a Pebble coming off the assembly line, and it arriving in a fulfillment center for shipping. 
  • Right now, we’re manufacturing in large batches of 1 colour at a time. Since black was by far the most popular colour, we started with a run of black Pebbles. I realize that this is different than what I said before…while we would have liked to be able to ship out all the colours at the exact same time, it’s proven to be impossible. We’re doing our best to match production of other colors as soon as possible.

#PebbleTime contest

During the press conference, thousands of people tweeted with the hashtag #pebbletime and posted questions on Facebook and Reddit. The winner of the Clear Pebble contest is Luke K. (from Facebook) for asking a great question: „What is the most interesting/unique idea for the use of a pebble that you have heard to date?“

I had a pretty poor response at the time, so I wanted to follow up. There was a thread on our recently about how to use Pebble to, ahem…creatively bend school rules during exams. Definitely one of the most unique Pebble use cases! 

Runner up’s for the contest will receive t-shirts and some other swag: @flashpunk, Phoebe Furby Sturges (from Facebook), captbunzo (from Reddit). Winners, please send us a message via Kickstarter and we’ll get your gear sent out!


Our job is most definitely not finished, we have lots of improvements to make, and tens of thousands of Pebbles to ship out. We will continue our biweekly updates, and as was mentioned 2 weeks ago, we’ll be issuing software updates with new features for Pebble every 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for the support, everyone! Looking forward to hearing what you think of Pebble when it finally makes it onto your wrist.

Team Pebble

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